7 things my customers Love about their Personal Icons

Posted by in Explore Possibility on Feb 12, 2014

Queen of Cups by Moonlight
When I asked the people I’ve created Personal Icons for if they would share how they feel about their very personal piece of art, I was hoping to get a few nice quotes . . . I was absolutely unprepared for the depth of their responses.

1. Metaphors galore delight my heart and soul!

2. My icon is my own. It is the embodiment of many of the things that make me…me. When I look up from my desk and see it, another image of my past comes up and reminds me that I am more than the given moment dictates.

3. It was created from pure intuition, where Ego had no place

4. Excellent focal point for meditation

5. I keep my icon in my office–it is not something I choose to share–it’s too personal, and honestly it reminds me that there are still parts of me that are a mystery to my husband, child and extended family/friends.

6. It lights up my life each time I look at it – a reminder of all that I am, all that I could be

7.  I love my icon because it is a beautiful representation of me, that Paula made come to life on canvas.

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