Begin Again from a Place of Wholeness

Posted by in Choose Joyfully, Create Magic, Explore Possibility on Apr 21, 2014

Commit to living with a new grace.

Tell a new story

Discover ancient stories.

Begin again from a place of wholeness.

Create a life you can fall in love with.  Do it because it has joy. Do it to create JOY.

Emerge from the fog and the chaos.

Embrace the simple wisdom of the earth.



Tap into the cycles of the natural world to gain equilibrium and perspective. Observe the changes and absorb the beauty and ease with which they unfold.

Allow yourself some of that same ease.  How would your story change if you are not at the center of it, but truly connected to all the other parts?

What if, like the wildflowers, you are exactly where you can thrive, exactly at the right time, part of the wholeness?






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