Commissioned Art

Commissioned Art – designed and created especially for you!

Private Collection, San Diego CA (USA)

Zoo Story – Private Collection, San Diego CA (USA)

Artwork is very personal, what we like, what draws our eye, what we want to have in the spaces we inhabit. Sometimes in a gallery off or online, we discover the perfect piece that speaks directly to our heart + soul. Other times we love the way an artist works, the style or feeling of the work and wish that we could see that artist interpret a particular subject or idea that is close to our hearts.

This is where commissioned art comes in. If there is something you would like to see made visible in my style of creating, let’s talk. I’m open to almost anything and clearly you can see in my portfolio that I tend to be at my best when interpreting the natural world, and the realm of myth and imagination.

Lisa V (Personal Icon) - Private Collection, Rome, Italy

Lisa V (Personal Icon) – Private Collection, Rome, Italy

If you are interested in a commissioned piece, drop me an email and we can discuss the options. I don’t charge anything for the initial exploration of an idea. If we agree to go ahead,

I’ll ask for a non-refundable deposit and we’ll get started. The remainder of the pre-agreed fee is payable upon completion (I’ll send a digital image for you to approve the finished work, and once payment is made I’ll ship the original art to you).

You are under no obligation, beyond the non-refundable deposit, and that deposit can be applied to any existing artwork instead, if you are not totally in love with the commissioned piece.

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