Connect with Nature

Posted by in Uncategorized on Apr 8, 2015

Connect with Nature

We spend so much of our lives indoors, in artificial environments, that we forget sometimes that we are PART of the web of life that is this planet, this galaxy, this universe.

The contemporary disconnect with the natural world is a part of the discomfort of modern life. I hope that my artwork helps people reestablish their own personal connections with nature.

I encourage you to tap into the cycles of the natural world to gain equilibrium and perspective. Observe the changes around you in the plants, the sea, the sky . . .

and absorb the beauty and ease with which they unfold.

Allow yourself some of that same ease. How would your story change if you are not at the center of it, keeping the wheel in motion all alone, but instead truly connected to all the other parts giving and taking energy and inspiration as needed?

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