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Creative Spirals Consulting

Whether you are trying to write more engaging copy, design materials, pick a color palette for your brand/website, or starting your own circus, sometimes you need a fresh perspective from someone who understands creativity and your special point of view.

One of my superpowers is mind-melding with my clients to help channel their creative ideas into tangible products.

  • Sometimes that means helping clients find their authentic voice and creating copy that brings that voice to the world.
  • Sometimes it means working with clients own visual imagery to create a consistent, unique visual presence online and off.
  • Sometimes it means brainstorming and research to find just  the right combination of words and images to represent a new business direction, online offering, product or service.

What it always means is that YOU walk away with a clear direction for putting your creative ideas out into the world.




Expand your creative options!  Here are 4 free tools for you to download because the world needs more creativity and imaginative solutions.

 imagination-is-key-ebook-550Imagination is Key

However you view imagination . . . it is the key to creativity of all kinds, to art, invention, problem solving, fresh solutions, new recipes, exploration and discovery . . . it all flows from imagination. Imagination is the spark that lights the human fire.

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createmagic cover  Create Magic – Observations on the place of Intuition in a Creative Life

Consider your creative life endeavors that have had something extra special about them.  Chances are you’ll discover at at some point you tuned into Intuition. When you learn how to expand that, you tap into creative synergy.

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careandfeedingcover  Care and Feeding of the Creative Self

An invitation to really commit to caring for your creative self and exploring more opportunities to joyfully engage in your unfolding creative life through your five senses

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change-joyfully-ebook-550Change Joyfully, tools for navigating change

Discover how to get CORE Clarity and how that can be guiding beacon to navigating joyfully in a sea of change

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