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Posted by in Uncategorized on Apr 28, 2015

Still Creating After All These Years

So many ideas, so little time . . . that’s how I feel most of the time, still, after all these years.  Much like the geographical world I travel through, in which I find the more places I visit the longer my list gets, the mental landscape of creativity keeps both revealing new destinations and inviting me to revisit old ideas with fresh eyes and expanded experience.

There are many positives about being a creative woman who has spent 60 years on the planet. Some are obvious: I’ve had time to hone my skills, to improve my ability to translate the ideas in my head into tangible creations; I’ve had the opportunity to study with true masters of various forms and absorb at least a tiny bit of their brilliance; I’ve learned a lot about what works and what does not.

Some of the less obvious things may be even more valuable.  I’ve learned how going to the studio (whether that is a dedicated space or a state of mind) can shift me into a creative place even when I think I have no ideas.  I’ve learned to accept (mostly) that creating things takes as long as it takes and I don’t necessarily know (or need to know) how long that will be.

One of my most joyful realizations of the last decade was that a lot of ideas are worth revisiting. Creatively speaking, revisiting old ideas and applying new insights and inspirations has a richness that brand new ideas seem to lack.  The layers of meaning and interesting juxtapositions of viewpoints creates art with depth and perhaps, if I get it just right, fascination for the viewer.

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