Embrace the Possible

Posted by in Choose Joyfully, Create Magic, Explore Possibility on Jul 22, 2013

Words were originally magic.  ~S. Freud


Once upon a time, long ago and far away (yet not SO long ago) in a place very much like this place (yet not exactly this place) everyone understood that magic can happen.

These dwellers in the long ago and far away understood deep in their hearts that some things must be believed to be seen.

Now the time has come to bring back the magic, not the fairy tale sort, but the down to earth practical magic that allows us to create the unseen and explore the unknown. That which allows to embrace the possibility that unexplainable is not a synonym for impossible. To acknowledge that when the inexplicable occurs it is simply outside our comprehension, not outside reality.  We acknowledge this readily when we hear of horrible inexplicable things happening.  “It can’t be!” our hearts cry out and yet we see, that indeed, it IS.

Why, then, do we discount the inexplicable good that also happens, ignore and belittle it as not enough, too little-too late?  Change happens in tiny increments, one action at a time, one person at a time.  It is the only way it has ever happened.

NOW, today, in the place where you are, choose to be a force for good.  Choose to find, for every horror that is unleashed, a miracle to balance it. Somewhere, while a killer goes free someone else is patiently, finally, brought to justice.  Somewhere, while humans are being stripped of their rights and dignity, others are reclaiming theirs.  Somewhere, while people are lying and manipulating, others are standing tall in their truth.  Somewhere, while people are bullying and demeaning the weak, others are offering a hand in friendship.  Be those people, standing tall, reclaiming, offering . . . be those people and celebrate those people.  

For every evil you point to on social media, point also to something good.  Find and celebrate the everyday magic and wonder at the extraordinary goodness of people. Believe that good has power and magic in it, and you will see more of it in the world. When a pickpocket meets a saint upon the road, all he sees are pockets.  If you are a collector of negative stories, soon all you will see is bad things.  Our world needs you to be a creative being in whatever way calls to you, plant gardens, teach skills, promote health, share the wonders of nature and, yes, sing, dance, write, photograph, build and create.  Allow yourself to believe that one by one, we can and DO make a difference.

Now is the time to sing new songs, write new stories, paint new pictures, create new connections and reclaim and reshape reality with magickal hearts, powerful minds and peaceful souls.

For my father, Earl Swenson, who died 17 years ago today, who taught me to believe in magic and to always be kind and always speak my truth.

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