HuesDay – Tangled Up in Blue

Posted by in Choose Joyfully, Explore Possibility, Imagination Is Key on May 28, 2013

BLUE is often associated with calmness, which is part of what fascinates me about this image . . . the dichotomy between the chaos created by the tangle of rope and the calm energy of the blue hue.

Playing with opposite energies and messages can be an interesting way to explore old territory in new ways.

This week, try it with blue.  First make a list of all the things you associate with blue.  Then pick one or two and play with creating some kind of dynamic tension, using the blue association in an unexpected way.

You might want to try this simple formula:

Blue is __________________

Blue is __________________

Blue is _________________, _________________, and _____________________.

Then write it again, this time filling in something opposite your original word for each blank — then play with THOSE associations and see what emerges.

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