How to Love your Life

Posted by in Explore Possibility, I believe . . . on Mar 5, 2014

Someone recently shared 30 questions with me, designed to help you focus on what is important to you. Question 21 stayed with me long after I closed my journal, as it seemed to me to be about how to love your life. I wrote the answer quickly, without censoring myself, and then kept returning to the question — I’ve not found any way to improve on that first answer, so I’ve decided to share it here with you.


Question 21: If you were to leave the world today – what is the manifesto you would leave behind?

Be kind.  Be curious.  Use your imagination and intuition as much as your intellect.  Travel, meet people, taste new things, listen to new music, read new authors. Do more of the things that make you smile. Share the joy and the sorrow and know that both are ephemeral.



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