Make this the Summer of Creativity!

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Azalea and I want to invite you to give yourself the gift of time and space for Creativity this summer  . . .

Admit it, this time of year your mental soundtrack includes “Schooooool’s OUT for Summer . . . .” and  a host of other songs that remind you of days when SUMMER equaled FUN + TIME + FREEDOM.  I  know it’s true for me.  I also know that even tho my work is ‘location independent’ I can’t just forget about it for the next 3 months (darn!)

The good news is that CREATIVITY is a lot like a summer holiday:

  • it refreshes your body, mind and spirit
  • it stretches time
  • it’s full of spaciousness and discovery
  • unexpected things happen
  • it changes the way you interact with the world
  • it makes you happier

So make a not-so-secret pact with yourself to let creativity play a leading role in the movie of your summer, you’ll be delighted at the changes that occur!


Want some support for your not-so-secret pact ?

Kosmos Fantastikos

A virtual Creative Retreat! It’s a place to encounter your muses, frolic with the Imaginary Menagerie and Free the Artist within!

Give your Creative Self the gift of ONE MONTH dedicated to creating.  Whether you work with words, images or both . . .  even if you are still in search of YOUR creative outlet . . . you’ll be gently supported to explore the possibilities.  We’ll start each week with an invigorating Monday group session, followed by 3 creative prompts to play with during the week, sent with JOY from Azalea, the on-beyond-zebra + leader of the Imaginary Menagerie — delivered directly to your inbox each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Finally, you’ll get to schedule a one-to-one creative consultation session, 30 minutes of delicious, delightful possibility capturing to stir the creative pot!

~4 weeks of creative exploration includes:
  • 4  hour-long inspiration parties (held on Google+ hangouts)
  • 12 creative prompt emails (3 per week)
  • personal pot-stirring session (you and me on Skype or Google+ for 30 minutes)

It’s a vacation you can take without leaving home and I promise it will be filled with Joy and Laughter, Curiosity and Creative Momentum.

We start July 1st — You can join the party HERE

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