A personally meaningful piece of art, created just for you.

Mandalas are traditionally used as a tool for focusing the mind.

Mandalas are used in many spiritual traditions as an aid to meditation, both in the process of creation and as a visual focus for the mind. It is my hope that your Personal Compass Mandala will bring you peace, focus and a harmonious point of connection with the natural world.


What you get:KMpcmweb-300x291

~ a hand-crafted Mandala on heavyweight watercolor paper, created using assorted materials and techniques including watercolor, gouache, acrylic, metallic inks and watercolor pencil.

~ a printed legend describing the attributes and symbolic meanings of the animals and other natural elements you have chosen

~  a photo preview of your Mandala before it is shipped


How it works:

Once you purchase your Mandala, I will contact you to schedule a short interview (about 15-20 minutes) via Skype or telephone. We’ll discuss the animals, natural elements and colors that resonate with you.  From that information I will create an intuitive artwork within the Personal Compass Mandala framework that will be uniquely yours.


The Format:

Mandalas traditionally are based on the circle, square and triangle.  The Personal Compass Mandala incorporates all three of these within the structure of a Compass, where each of the cardinal directions represents an aspect of your way of being in the world. North is your essential self; East is the inner, feminine aspect; West is the outer, masculine aspect; South is your life challenge.  The center of the Mandala holds an image representing the element that most resonates for you: Air, Earth, Water, Fire .  The Mandala is encircled by a scrollwork of spirals, one of the oldest and most universal sacred symbols, representing the journey of life.


Personal Compass Mandalas also make lovely, unique gifts.  To request a Gift Certificate email

Personal Compass Mandala $133 ($127 + shipping)

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