Meet the Artist

Hi, my name is Paula Swenson. I’m a Creative Catalyst, an artist whose mission is to make dreams and visions VISIBLE.

I believe we all have some particular purpose in life, some mission or calling, something we are uniquely suited to do.IF

Mine is bringing creative ideas to life.  I love the synergy of working in collaborations and seeing people’s dreams come alive.

I believe in Creative Possibility. I want to see your creative dreams come true. And I want you to have more fun while you are making that happen.

My Artwork

I paint, travel, and explore how cultures have expressed themselves visually.

I mix media, observing and recording the world as I encounter it with my own personal spin . . .reality meets whimsy.

I’m intrigued with how art changes the vibration of your personal space, and want to explore that further.

Most of my current creations fall into the category of Intuitive Art, art that creates portals to other places; real and imagined, external and internal. I started my creative career in theatre. I designed and made sets, costumes, props and masks for stage plays, dance companies and operas. In the process I learned a lot about history, other cultures and the role of art in societies over time.

It is fascinating how universal elements show up within specific combinings of color, pattern and motif that are unique to a culture. Throughout human history visual imagery has allowed us to communicate with other one another, decorate our lives and bring forward practical magic.

In my travels I’ve been fortunate to meet and study with expert practitioners of old art forms: Ebru, Batik, Encaustic and folk weaving techniques. Those encounters have opened possibilities and added layers of richness to my work. My fascination with ethnic textiles and adornment means my own artwork is often sprinkled with 3-dimensional elements and incorporates a mixed media approach that includes paint, fiber, paper, beads, leather and natural elements like shells, twigs, or stones.

I’m currently at work on some series, one about Mythological Archetypes and another called “Moon Music” which brings together much of what I love. Here is a sneak peek at one of them “Whole of the Moon.”IF

I’m enjoying the process more and more and I hope it shows in the artwork.

If you’d like to help support my art, I’d love for you to visit my Patreon site!


A lifelong student of art, theatre and cultures, I hold a degree in Communication Arts, with minors in philosophy and psychology. I’m an artist, writer, certified EFL instructor, member of Worldwide Story Work and a certified ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner.  Email me and let’s start talking about how I can help make your dreams visible.


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