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I make Intuitive Art and guide others in the process as a way of tapping into the Universal Flow – the collective consciousness that we are all a part of, connected by the web of life.

About two years ago I began creating Personal Icons for people – portraits not of their physical selves, but of their internal landscape, their essential selves.  Having a tangible, physical representation of the most essential components of our best self is a powerful tool. salmonPPC-300x228

I’m totally hooked on creating special artwork in collaboration with the buyer.  I’ve been experimenting with ways to share this kind of art with more people, so I’ve started offering a smaller, simpler version of this very personal art via Personal Power Cards.


Anyone can be the subject of a Personal Icon

Personal Icons start with a 30cm x 30cm gallery-wrapped canvas (~12” x12”) after that anything can happen as your significant images intersect with my intuition and imagination.


The result is a unique, highly personal work of art.

Based on a short interview (15-20minutes) which can be done via phone or email, these intuitive mixed-media paintings embody the essence of the person who is the subject.

Wild Horses - Jackie Bernardi

Wild Horses – Jackie Bernardi

Starting with colors and symbols that are meaningful to the subject, I work with whatever mixture of media intuitively suggests it will best express the essence of the person. I use high quality Acrylic paints and varnishes, as well as nature elements (leaves, shells, feathers) and other ephemera (coins, stamps, fabric, fibers, metallic leaf)

Part of what I love about creating these mixed-media pieces is that no two are the same, there are no stylistic rules to follow, it’s all about capturing what makes the subjects uniquely themselves

Before shipping I’ll send you photos of your Personal Icon, if you don’t love it, you don’t have to accept it, and I’ll refund your money. 

All artwork is shipped, ready to hang, from my studio in Greece via registered post or courier.  Shipping costs average around $35 to most locations worldwide and usually takes about 4-7 days.

Personal Icon $275 + shipping

Queen of Cups by Moonlight - Jenny Bones

Queen of Cups by Moonlight – Jenny Bones

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