Spiraling to the Next Level

Posted by in Create Magic, Imagination Is Key on Jul 17, 2014

Spiraling to the Next Level


The first half of 2014 has been filled with change for me. I’m not alone, many people I’ve spoken with are feeling the same surge of change coursing through their lives. For me a big part of the change has been adjusting to living a life on my own. ¬†One of the surprises that has brought is a deeper connection to intuition in my artwork.

I’ve always been a deeply intuitive person, relying on my intuition to guide me through the mystery of being human. Interestingly I’ve realized that allowing my intuition to work together with my imagination in service of creating things is creating a sort of alchemy.

I’m very excited about these new directions in my art making and the ways I am discovering to share it through Personal Compass Mandalas, illustration, and spirit/oracle art.


Stay tuned for changes to the website that will allow these new facets to shine!

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