To be Human is to be Creative

Posted by in Create Magic, the Creative Self on Aug 14, 2013

Creativity: It’s not about ART.

 I happen to be an artist and a writer. But even if I never did those things, I’d still be creative because  I solve problems, find ways to improvise and make do with the materials at hand.  I try different bits of clothing together when I get tired of wearing the same old thing.  I put different spices in my stews or soups or salad dressings to see how it will taste.  I figure out ways to keep my windows from blowing open too far or from blowing shut. I devise new ways to store all the stuff that collects in my studio. I make up stories for the children of friends starring their favorite stuffed animals. I find a way to arrange the furniture to maximize the space.  I make a holiday wreath from a crumpled old pine-green shirt, some gold ribbon and a string of lights because there is no pine to be had anywhere.  I discover that an old rusted BBQ grill makes a terrific plant stand.

creative [kriːˈeɪtɪv]  adj

1. having the ability to create
2. characterized by originality of thought; having or showing imagination a creative mind
3. designed to or tending to stimulate the imagination creative toys
4. characterized by sophisticated bending of the rules or conventions creative accounting

YOU are creative.  Yes, you are.  I’ve yet to meet a living person who was not.  Some people are extravagantly creative.  Some people are quietly creative.  Too many people are unconsciously creative.

Unconsciously creative people think they are not creative at all, when in fact they are creating all the time.  When those people consciously accept that they are creative, they begin to amaze even themselves with the power they unleash.

Unconsciously creative people I know do things like build websites, write non-fiction, renovate houses, put together amazing trips for almost no money, create oasis gardens, are ingenious at raising money for favorite causes, make killer mix-tapes (or playlists), home-school their kids, teach, invent recipes, restore old automobiles, makes cakes, scrapbooks, family trees and birdhouses.

And then they DARE to say:  “oh, me? I’m not creative!”

YES!  YES, YOU ARE!!! Embrace your ability to create, treasure it, nurture it . . . Dare to admit it and become Consciously Creative. Wield your creativity, it is the most powerful tool you possess.


If you like some time to step out of your everyday patterns and allow your creativity to step forward, I invite you to join me and Jackie Walker on Paros Island October 26th – November 2nd for a Creative Meander.

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