Why I Make Art

Art changes everything. A bit like love. In fact, art can make love, and lots of other concepts, visible.


This is why I make art and this is why I want to share my art more widely in the world.


In a time when so many people are despairing at the state of society, the degrading environment and seemingly lethal combination of rampant greed and willful ignorance you might well ask whether art is relevant at all. It is.


Art can cross linguistic and cultural boundaries. Art can express universal ideas and ideals. Art can remind us why we care.


Art is a visible, tangible reminder of the things that we love and value, the things that make life worthwhile. Art can inspire us, soothe us, challenge us and take us on journeys through time and space.


When you connect with a work of art and take it into your home, it becomes part of the fabric of your reality. Whether you gaze at it daily or catch it out of the corner of your eye, it changes your environment, subtly changes the vibration of the space you inhabit.


Seek out art you love. Take it home with you. Change your life.


If you’d like to help support my art and my process, I’d love for you to visit my Patreon site!

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